About Lounge Logic

Lounge Logic is a leading provider of specialist television technology solutions, enabling our clients to maximise the potential of the most exciting smart TVs and connected devices.

Drawing on premium technical talent in the field, we are specialists in building bespoke solutions for the broadcasting and on-demand video industry. We’re a one-stop shop for getting your brand into every living room in the UK and abroad.

Our goal is to provide the same seamless and robust experience on the connected device as users have come to expect from broadcast television.

Latest News

Extending our Roku offering to Scene Graph.


In February, Roku announced the deprecation of their legacy SDK visual screen components, with a two-year roadmap for adopting a channel UI built in Roku SceneGraph. The developers at Lounge Logic have also been busy, ensuring we have the knowledge and tools in place to build these new apps. We have now extended our Roku codebase to include Scene Graph based utilities and components in line with our Javascript OTT offering. Scene Graph is maturing fast but is not without its pitfalls. Apps need to make careful use of each thread or risk execution timeouts. We have put in place an architectue which makes as much use of the multi-threading as possible but still allows us freedom to create a very robust app with a fully bespoke UI.