The Lounge Logic Roku Framework

The Idea

At Lounge Logic, we like to follow the fully bespoke approach. Although we spurn the use of large frameworks and scoff at the 'one size fits all' approach - this has not prevented us from building up some pretty useful libraries over the years. Rather than simply converting those libaries to work on Roku, we saught to reproduce their usefulness, playing to the strenghs of Brightscript, the result is LOKU.


The player is always the firstmost component in any OTT app.

Our player libraries allow us to accomodate some of the most common sets of requirements. Advertising, analytics, ratings, DRM

Example Loku Player Example Loku Player Example Loku Player


We have built a common set of components for text & pin entry, carousels, menu selection, dialogs and error handling. LOKU Carousel

The Router

All the framework we need. Our router allows us to step from page to page. Unloading what is not required and saving state. Lounge Logic will build custom pages for login, registration, payment, navigation, search or whatever else you need.


Latest News

Extending our Roku offering to Scene Graph.


In February, Roku announced the deprecation of their legacy SDK visual screen components, with a two-year roadmap for adopting a channel UI built in Roku SceneGraph. The developers at Lounge Logic have also been busy, ensuring we have the knowledge and tools in place to build these new apps. We have now extended our Roku codebase to include Scene Graph based utilities and components in line with our Javascript OTT offering. Scene Graph is maturing fast but is not without its pitfalls. Apps need to make careful use of each thread or risk execution timeouts. We have put in place an architectue which makes as much use of the multi-threading as possible but still allows us freedom to create a very robust app with a fully bespoke UI.