S4C Case Study

The Brief

The brief for S4C included some specific features which have not yet been deployed on YouView such as dual language, multiple subtitles and dual audio. LoungeLogic worked closely with YouView and S4C to pre-empt any issues and to ensure they did not create any obstacles in the on-boarding process.

The Process

S4C Concept S4C Concept S4C Concept

The UI was to be created in-house. Our developers worked closely with S4C designers to establish what was technically possible on the platforms and to ensure the UX satisfied YouView requirements. Both teams kept in close contact, creating several prototype designs which were trailed and presented to S4C management before the final clean crisp design was agreed upon.

We found Lounge Logic very easy to work with during the on boarding process for S4C’s on demand player – which was added to both our on demand TV players page and incorporated into our seven day scroll back programme guide. The process involved a number of stakeholders and the development of a number of complex ‘feature-firsts’ for the platform which Lounge Logic took in its stride by working through everything, including last minute changes, quickly and efficiently.

— Andrew Hartill, YouView

S4C Grab

Once the high level design was signed off, there was an intense period of development to incorporate all the low level requirements, with several increments with the designer to maintain a integrated approach.


User and acceptance testing was complimented by STBT testing. Lounge Logic created STBT tests for the majority of YouViews required acceptance tests.

This multi-faceted approach to testing allowed the S4C application to rocket through YouView's player acceptance tests, saving time and cost.

We chose LoungeLogic to work with S4C’s in-house development and creative team in order to create the application and to allow S4C to onboard the YouView platform after submitting a very impressive tender. LoungeLogic delivered the vision from the S4C creative team whilst also delivering a very responsive application, the project was delivered on time and on budget under a very tight deadline.
It was a joy to work with such a flexible team who went the extra mile in order to deliver S4C’s vision for the application

— Steve Cowin, S4C

Latest News

Lounge Logic Announce LOKU - Our OTT App framework for ROKU


ROKU is sometimes overlooked as a platform by OTT content providers. However with its increasing popularity and market share, the platform is now impossible to ignore.

In response to this Lounge Logic have been building high performace Brightscript versions for many of our most popular and useful libraries, along with a very lightweight routing framework. The result is LOKU. Following the same highly tailored philosphy as with our YouView and HTML5 apps LOKU will allow us to now bring our bespoke approach to Roku apps.
We can offer our clients exactly the app they want at very competitive rates.