Smart TVs and STBs

Lounge Logic is one of the very few companies with Roku, YouView and Freeview Play development experience. Couple this with our experience of other smart TVs and STBs, such as Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung, Panasonic and Toshiba Smart TVs, and you have the perfect partner to take your brand into living rooms worldwide.


We can work with your current infrastructure — website services, backend and third party integrations — and transform them into products and services that can be used from the sofa. Our libraries cover the manufacturers’ unique and widely varying requirements in terms of supported features, on-boarding requirements and acceptance procedures.

Rather than a ‘write once deploy everywhere’ approach, our methodology is to keep a modular system encompassing services, components and a selection of flexible frameworks. The bespoke element is kept to a minimum and left to the experience of our developers. This approach allows us to adapt our technical strategy in an emerging and still very fragmented domain.

Latest News

Lounge Logic Announce LOKU - Our OTT App framework for ROKU


ROKU is sometimes overlooked as a platform by OTT content providers. However with its increasing popularity and market share, the platform is now impossible to ignore.

In response to this Lounge Logic have been building high performace Brightscript versions for many of our most popular and useful libraries, along with a very lightweight routing framework. The result is LOKU. Following the same highly tailored philosphy as with our YouView and HTML5 apps LOKU will allow us to now bring our bespoke approach to Roku apps.
We can offer our clients exactly the app they want at very competitive rates.