UTV Case Study

The Brief

UTV required an online player capable of managing a great deal of third party responsibilities. UTV's player needed to be distinguishable from the herd with a strong and unique visual identity.


The Process

Lounge Logic began work on a very specialised Brightcove plugin, mainly custom code but utilising our VAST and tracking Libraries.

The business rules around advertising can be very specific for each client. Lounge Logic advertising modules have to be very flexible to cope with wide and varying sets of requirements.

The planning phase included consultation with a number of third parties, the final implementation had to satisfy several sets of specifications.

The design of the player had to merge seamlessly with the design of the site. Integration testing started early and included a good few test cycles.


A continuous multi-platform acceptance testing was employed throughout the process. Each update tested for regression.

We provided UTV with visibility throughout the test process with a shared test harness working on production content.

It has been a real pleasure to work with Lounge Logic and their contribution, enthusiasm and flexibility throughout the project have been key to our successful launch. The ad plugin was absolutely core to the whole project and what the team delivered works really well and looks great

—Morgane Campioni

Latest News

Extending our Roku offering to Scene Graph.


In February, Roku announced the deprecation of their legacy SDK visual screen components, with a two-year roadmap for adopting a channel UI built in Roku SceneGraph. The developers at Lounge Logic have also been busy, ensuring we have the knowledge and tools in place to build these new apps. We have now extended our Roku codebase to include Scene Graph based utilities and components in line with our Javascript OTT offering. Scene Graph is maturing fast but is not without its pitfalls. Apps need to make careful use of each thread or risk execution timeouts. We have put in place an architectue which makes as much use of the multi-threading as possible but still allows us freedom to create a very robust app with a fully bespoke UI.